That quote caught me by surprise the other night! I like the idea of “slowing” during Lent. Slowing is something we rarely ever do. I have to say, “I was very pleased to have the Sanctuary filled for Ash Wednesday Worship.” To be honest, it’s quite humbling to mark an ashen cross on all those foreheads – all those people who chose slowing that evening. And to be even more honest, I struggle with marking that ashen cross on the foreheads of little babies. I struggle even more with marking that cross on my own children. I think it was quite powerful to have a first grader mark the cross on my forehead. The whole Ash Wednesday Worship Service is simply a holy moment like no other. That ashen cross is all about symbolizing our humility before God – marking in no uncertain terms that God is God, and I am not. That we are not. I want this Lenten Season to be different. I want it to be different for me. I want it to be different for you. But then, that’s what I want every time we begin a new Lenten Journey. I’m thinking that if I feel that way, it may be safe to assume that others also feel that way. So, how can we make this year’s Lenten Journey different? What’s one thing – just one thing – that can make it more meaningful, or more worshipful, or “slower”? It’s certainly something to ponder today and in the weeks ahead.